IT331 – Unit 4  Complete the following questions in an MS Word Document in APA format. Double space your work and use APA formatting sans-serif. (Example 12-point font using Times New Roman. You must include both a separate cover and reference page.  Research and compare cellular 3G, 4G -LTE and 5G – LTE Advanced. Include the technological differences between the implementations and include the importance of multiplexing and error correction. List the three of the most common types of noise found in wireless technology? Provide a solution for correcting one of the listed noises and state whether the solution is or is not effective. Name two common types of noise found on a computer network? Explain why noise is a bigger problem for analog transmission of data. Provide one specific example or reason. (Hint: consider how data is compressed when being transmitted). Under what circumstances will error correction work, and when will it not work? Investigate and provide some detail on Forward Error Correction in the above context.

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