IS242 Management Information Systems Week 8 Discussion DQ1 Ethics in IS People working with information systems are privy not only to sensitive information but also systems which can be vulnerable to internal or external threats. Even seemingly benign behaviors like checking personal email on a work computer can put the computer, network, and business at risk. This is why such activities are usually prohibited in the workplace or on work equipment. From our readings and activities as well as your own experience, discuss a scenario in which unethical behavior or actions can create problems. Be specific about the risk, the issues that can result, and why it is essential to follow guidelines and ethical tenets required by an employer. In replies to classmates, think about the situations they have described and whether you’ve experienced something similar. Where there consequences – either punitive or preventative? DQ2 End of Course Survey All students need to complete this survey as it provides valuable information for us to better meet your needs, improve our courses, and provide for a better overall student experience – which is one of the Three Pillars of Excellence upon which Grantham is built. If you have not yet completed your survey (these are needed for every course) please select End of Course Survey and do so now. It is needed for the following Discussion Question: After completing your survey, share what you feel is the most valuable suggestion for improvement. Share only what you are comfortable with. Ensure you placed this suggestion in the survey comment section.  

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