Human Resource Capstone/ Training And Employee Development Human Resource Capstone 3-5 pages (not including cover page and resource page) An onboarding training program includes the basic information that employees need to understand their new job. Increasingly, onboarding training programs use collaborative meeting and learning technologies to connect onboarding participants. Using this article and CTU Library resources, research employee orientation programs, and develop a 1-day virtual onboarding plan that includes the following: The agenda of training modules for 1 day, including the time allotted for each module A brief description of each activity in the training module The type of technology or media and how it will be used for each training module How you will determine the effectiveness of the onboarding program   Training and Employee Development 5–7 slides with speaker notes of 200–250 words per slide (excluding title and reference slides) One truism of instructional design and performance management is that you get what you measure. Training objectives are essential to all development. They support the outcomes of the course, and good training objectives support the overall curriculum and the strategies of the organization. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following elements of instructional design: Explain the purpose of training objectives. Describe how training objectives align with course outcomes. Learning objectives vary greatly by the topic and outcome for the course. Compare the differences and similarities of training objectives for a behavioral course, such as leadership skills, and those of a more technical course, such as Outlook, PowerPoint, or Excel. Propose a process for an organization to implement that aligns course training objectives, curriculum learning outcomes, and strategic organizational goals.

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