16.2 Why are disks, not tapes, used to store online database files? 16.27  What are SATA, SAS, and FC protocols? 17.4. How does multilevel indexing improve the efficiency of searching an index file? 17.5. What is the order p of a B-tree? Describe the structure of B-tree nodes. 17.6. What is the order p of a B+-tree? Describe the structure of both internal and leaf nodes of a B+-tree. 17.7. How does a B-tree differ from a B+-tree? Why is a B+-tree usually preferred as an access structure to a data file? 18.3 How are large tables that do not fit in memory sorted? Give the overall procedure. 18.7 How are outer join and non–equi-join implemented? 19.8 What is the difference between pipelining and materialization?

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