Summative Assessment: Historical Figures And Philosophies In Psychology  Through readings and videos, you have been introduced to many historical figures in psychology. These key figures introduced some of the major schools of thought and philosophies of psychology. In this assignment, you will conduct a review of historical figures and the schools of thought or philosophies they represent.   Conduct a review of 5 key figures you deem most important in the history of psychology.   Assess the schools of thought and/or psychological philosophy that each of your 5 chosen historical figures profess.  Summarize each of the key historical figures and the role they played in the development of psychology. Summarize the school of thought or philosophy developed by each of your 5 key historical figures. Select 2 to 3 of your reviewed schools of thoughts/philosophies of psychology that have most impacted the field of psychology today and explain why you believe they have had the most impact on the field.

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