Question 1The definitive character of the requirements of professional membership in the traditional professions is succinct, crisp, and definitive related to education, certification, and experience.In nursing   it is diffuse, often undifferentiated, and frequently broadly described and relative.   it is organized and definitive related to experience.   it is quite organized and goal oriented.   it has firmly defined roles.  Question 2The four cornerstones of a profession’s ownership and accountability are _________.   practice   quality   competence   knowledge management   all of the above are true  Question 3Membership in a profession is earned through ___________.   obtaining a unique body of knowledge   joining an organization   applying for a position   none of these  Question 4The following is true about a professional code of ethics:   The code is considered as a part of the regulation of the profession.   It outlines a defined frame for professional responsibility.   It guides critical thinking especially related to difficult decisions.   It provides as clear a framework as possible regarding what behavior meets the criteria for ethical behavior guiding the individual or discipline to make a correct or right decision within a particular set of circumstances.   All of the above are true.  Question 5For the professional all of the following are true except _____________.   work is simply a job   work is not codified in hourly increments   work is not simply a job   the role becomes closely identified with the person  Question 6Public policy is defined as _______________.   volunteer work in nursing organizations   principal action undertaken by governments   working on committees in the hospital   none of the above is true  Question 7All of the following are considered elements of professions except _________.   great knowledge   important work   making a difference   being governed by another profession  Question 8The following is not a component of evidence-based practice: ______________.   Formulate a critical clinical question   Search for and gather data regarding integrated and relevant evidence   Use all data available   Use the evidence for a particular clinical scenario   Evaluate the impact of evidence-based choice(s)  Question 9The ANA Code of Ethics states that the nurse   is responsible and accountable for individual nursing practice.   determines the appropriate delegation of tasks consistent with the nurse’s obligation to provide optimum patient care.   owes the same duties to self as to others.   participates in establishing, maintaining, and improving health care environments and conditions of employment conducive to the provision of quality health care.   all of the above are true.  Question 10he concept of professionalism providing a socially sanctioned or mandated service means that ______________.   Licensing regulations may exist.   The mandate includes language about the service that is provided.   Competence is necessary to hold membership.   There are penalties for nonperformance or professional wrongs.   All of the above are true.

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