Solutions to Global Studies   1. Besides biotechnology, identify one technology that seems to have the greatest potential positive effect on food security. Discuss any potential negative uses of that technology. Do the benefits of these technologies outweigh the potential negative consequences they have on food security? Why or why not? 2. As addressed in the readings, technology has the potential to both solve global social problems and make them worse. For example, technological devices that can interact with the environment have the potential to reduce world hunger by helping to increase food production in developing countries. However, some technological advancements—such as weapons of war and automated assembly lines—can threaten life through armed conflict, pollution of the environment, and increased poverty through eliminated jobs. a. Do advancements in technology pose any direct and/or indirect threats to the global environment? Choose one advancement and provide two examples of direct or indirect threats in your explanation. 3. What is Covid-19 and why is the effectiveness of “herd immunity” so hotly debated within the scientific community? Explain your response. Cost and Price Analysis   1. Discuss both direct and indirect labor costs. Provide a minimum of three examples for each cost and explain how companies can estimate them using the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Justify your response with real examples in the business industry. 2. Discuss the different types of nonlabor costs for a project like direct materials. Develop a list that includes common direct costs associated with a business that are not labor related. Explain how these costs could be estimated when submitting a bid for future work. Discuss the different types of nonlabor costs for a project like direct materials. a. For more information, view the LinkedIn Learning video:  Product Costing Materials and Labor . 3. Discuss the different types of indirect costs associated with a contracted project that can show up on the income statement for a company. From your text and research, what are some methods that can be used to allocate these costs? Justify your comments

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