PSYC2200 Educational Psychology Unit 3 Discussion This week, we explore how the cognitive learning theory can be applied to adult learning or the higher education setting. Share the link to your video or article. If you found a video, write one sentence for each of the following prompts: What conclusions would you make as a researcher after watching the video? What led you to those conclusions? How would you apply this to a real-life scenario? Include a hashtag for the study. Examples: #cognitivelearningtheory, #memory, #reasoning. If you found an article, write one sentence for each of the following prompts: Describe how this article supports what you have learned in this course so far. Make a connection between what you read and your personal experience learning in an online setting. How does this information support your intended work in the field? Include a hashtag for your article topic or the idea supported. Examples: #cognitivelearningtheory, #memory, #reasoning. Response Guidelines Respond to other learners’ pins. Your responses should be at least 30 words in length. For more information on how to earn points, visit your Yellowdig discussion forum.

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