Discuss How Technical, Interpersonal, And Decision-Making Skills Apply Module 1: Discussion Forum Risk: Leadership Theories and Project Management Early in the execution phase of a project to design a new engine in an aerospace company, a key Design Engineer working out of one of the company’s facilities located in Hamburg, Germany, indicates to the Project Manager (PM), who is working out of one of the company’s facilities located in Connecticut, that the Design Engineer is not available to work on project tasks that have been assigned to him by the PM. The Design Engineer states that this is because his functional manager has assigned him higher priority tasks on another project. Discuss how the Path-Goal Leadership Theory and Model applies to the following interactions: (1) PM- Sponsor; (2) PM-Functional Manager; (3) PM- Design Engineer. This week’s Recommended Reading – Attached. Part 1, Chapter 1, Section 1.2.3; Chapter 3, Section 3.3 in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Howell, V. (2018). Project management as a tool for leadership development. Ceramic Industry, 168(5), 10-11.

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