How Does Biology Affect Us? Biology is the study of life. As a living creature, you are personally affected by studies, research and developments in this field. One of the ways to become better acquainted with the field of biology is to investigate a biology topic that holds special interest to you. Please choose a topic from below that you are interested in, and write 2 paragraphs explaining your thoughts about it. You may choose any of the topics listed below. · Animals, plants, humans, fungi, bacteria, viruses · Biotechnology (genetic engineering, cloning, stem cells, etc.) · Environmental issues, biodiversity, and sustainability · Health, wellness, and disease Get information from at least 2 resources other than your textbook. You may use the web. Some useful websites are listed below: · Medline · Sloan-Kettering · Write an explanation of why this topic is of interest to you, and why it is relevant and important to you and others (2 paragraphs) List your references: the 2 or more journals or other sources of information that you have used, other than your textbook.

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