Discussion Board The Daily Swig (Links to an external site.) is a website publishing news about attacks, defense, and vulnerabilities affecting companies, users, researchers, governments, citizens. Please visit the website to see the latest data breach news. What do you think about these data breach news? Who should be responsible for the data breaches, the company, their partners, or the government? You can discuss this from the perspective of a user, the technology companies, or the federal government. While Ukraine is far away from the US, the threat of cyber attack from Russia is not. The US government has asked Americans to look out for Russia hacking efforts (Links to an external site.). Do you think the threat is real? How should individuals and organizations prepare for this kind of malicious attacks? How common is cyberattacks in your industry? Do you think your organization is well prepared for actual or potential IT security issues? Discuss what practice works and what not. 

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