N758 / N758PE / N 758 / N758 PE N758 Advanced Statistics Module 2 Assignment Statistical Procedures: Open the survey.sav file. Complete the procedures in Chapters 7, 8, and 9 for describing data using graphs, manipulating the data and checking the reliability of a scale. Skip the procedures for “Transforming Variables” in Chapter 8. Additional Exercises: Additional exercises will require you to use the procedures you have practiced from chapters 6, 8 and 9. In Pallant (2020) complete Chapter 8, Health Questions 1-3 and Chapter 9, Health Question 1. All additional exercises require a written analysis that should be included at the end of your word/RTF file. When available utilize templates for presenting statistics “Presenting the Results” boxes found in Pallant (2020). For credit to be given, all SPSS output from chapter procedures and additional exercises must be exported and included in the word document. Saving/Submitting: Save both your statistical procedures and additional exercise analyses in one output file and export it to a Word/RTF file. Name the Word document YourName_A2.  

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