IS242 Management Information Systems Week 3 Discussion It’s all about Data Just like information systems, data is all around us and has been long before computers became the indispensable tools they are now. From the first hieroglyphs scratched into clay tablets to inventory grain stores, people have recorded important data in many different ways. Think back to when you were younger. What are some things you made a list of or counted? Your book or music collection? Some kind of collectibles like sport or other cards? How did you record your data? Tables? Lists? Something else? How would you recreate it now using technology? Remember the correlation of rows to records and columns to attributes. Consider those early records. How might they translate to a database table? Using the table tool in the comment box, create a simple table with 3 records and 3 attributes per record. Describe how you decided on the layout and row/column names used. How does this exercise add to your understanding of data or even databases? When replying to classmates, examine the tables they created and the methods they chose. Are they similar to yours? If different, how? Can you think of a better way or a different technology than they mention?  

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