ET: Ethical And Legal Considerations In The Field Of Communications This week, we learned about ethical and legal considerations in the field of communications. Professional communicators are expected to be honest, to verify the accuracy of the information they provide, to disclose potential conflicts of interest or recuse themselves when necessary, and to abide by copyright law and respect content ownership.  Do you think mainstream news providers act according to these ethical principles most of the time?   Find a local news story that violates an ethical principle. What principle was violated? NOTE: We are not looking at accounting fraud, Medicare fraud, crimninal justice system abuses, political malfeasance, and so forth. These are the concern of classes in accounting, health administration, criminal justice, and political science. We are concerned with one thing only: HOW was the news reported? Was the reporting fair, balanced, and accurate? Why or why not? Provide direct quotations and descriptions of images to show what was left out, reported in a biased way, or some other ethical news reporting violation you perceive.  How was it violated? Provide a direct quotation or describe the visual content that is the violation. Provide a link to the report. Youtube links are fine. DO NOT use a report about an ethical violation. For example, you might find a news report about a physician who violated the ethical of Medicaid or Medicare payments. You might find a report about a journalist who was fired for an ethical violation. THESE ARE NOT YOUR ANALYSES. Someone else did the analysis. You are only summarizing someone else’s critical thinking and research. Please be original in finding something you think is a violation. If you give a link to fake news, First Response will earn no more than poor. I will remove the post. If you use a report from a local news affiliate, you reduce the risk of fake news. There are many clickbait stories on the web. The more shocked or surprised you are, the more likely it is to be clickbait. Avoid these.

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