Section 1.1 Question 1: 1. What is the difference between a vulnerability and an attack surface? Section 1.2 Vulnerable Sandbox In this Lab, you will analyze a documented vulnerability in an online Python compiler (You will use the same compiler in Lab-6) 1. Navigate to the online Python compiler on You can type your Python code on the left part; and you can see the compiled code on the right. You run Python from a Linux shell or command prompt on your personal computer, depending on the operating system you use. There must be an underlying operating system that runs the online Python complier. The critical point is whether it has been successfully isolated from the anonymous Internet users or not. 2. As shown in the window below, when you write a simple code and run the compiler, you drop to the operating system’s bash shell that runs the online Python compiler.  This vulnerability has been patched. Please don’t try it on your computer. Background There are two critical databases for categorizing and tracking vulnerabilities. These are CWE and CVE; the MITRE organization maintains both. CWE stands for Common Weakness Enumeration. CVE stands for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. CWE is a category system for software weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It is maintained by a community project to understand flaws in software and create automated tools that can be used to identify, fix, and prevent those underlying flaws (Wikipedia). CWE has nothing to do with the instance of a vulnerability within a product or system; this is where CVE comes in. CVE indexes vulnerabilities of the products or systems, not the underlying flaw. Questions 1. You can explore the list of software CWEs here: Find the category of vulnerability on the online Python compiler. Provide your justifications in a short paragraph. 2. Below is the list of top-25 most dangerous CWEs: Pick 2 CWEs and find one corresponding CVE for each. (The instance of the flaw described in CWE) You can use the page below to search CVEs: Provide your justifications in a short paragraph.

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