Unit 8 Discussion: Final Self-Evaluation Discussion Overview This discussion forum will help you develop your skills of revision in the writing process and self-evaluation in the revision process. Grading This assignment is worth 60 points: (10 points for Original post questions 1-4; and 10 points each for your replies). Note: You will not be able to view the posts of your classmates until you submit your initial post. Deliverables Your participation in the discussion forum, including: · A clear, specific, and detailed response to the initial question(s) below · Clear, specific, and detailed, responses to at least two other students’ posts Discussion Directions  Step 1 Review: · Your submissions to all discussions and assignments: Units 1-7 · Instructional materials: Units 1-7 Step 2 Post: Answer the following questions: 1. How has your writing changed from the first day of this course until now? Explain. 2. What lessons did you find particularly helpful? Explain. 3. What lessons did you find not helpful? Explain. 4. In the evaluation of your writing as it is today, what are your identified strengths and weaknesses? How will you address these weaknesses moving forward in terms of your writing process? Step 3 Reply: Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two of them.

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