Psy Week 1 Dq Discussion: Definitions of Culture A veritable plethora of scholarship has been devoted to attempting to define culture.  The concept is complex, yet most individuals have some idea about what the term means and includes. The idea of culture is so central to so much that makes us human, that it is well worth our time to explore and unpack its meaning in some depth. We may find that our ideas about culture share much in common with others’ ideas about culture, but we may also find some nuances or emphases in some definitions that are less apparent in other definitions. For this Discussion, you will closely examine various definitions of culture and the importance it may have to the psychology community. To prepare for this Discussion: Review the Learning Resources for this week and consider various definitions of culture. Based on your review of the Learning Resources, post your responses to the following questions. What are some definitions of culture that researchers have utilized? What is a definition of culture that resonates with you and why? Why should psychologists be interested in understanding culture?

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