History 1. Explain how labor evolved from the “putting-out system” to unskilled wage labor during the early Industrial Revolution  2. Describe industrialization’s impact on the nature of work 3. Describe the rise of industrial manufacturing in the early-mid 19th century and the nature of factory labor 4. Discuss the critical role slavery played in the early Southern economy 5. Explain incentives and motives for moving westward during the early 1800s 6. Identify key American innovators and inventors and their specific contributions to the growth of industrialization 7. Describe the development of improved methods of nineteenth-century domestic transportation   8.  Identify the ways in which roads, canals, and railroads impacted Americans’ everyday lives in the nineteenth century 9. Describe immigration to the United States during the early-to-mid 19th century and its connection to social and economic changes 10. Explain the controversies and eventual compromise related to the Missouri Crisis of 1820 11. What was Alexis de Tocqueville’s analysis of American democracy 12. Describe the contrast between common historical perceptions of Native Americans and their actual practices and achievements 13. Describe how 19th century American culture led to the idea of Manifest Destiny •  14. Describe how Manifest Destiny influenced Westward Expansion

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