Inquiry Project These are the research questions: Title: Early literacy at Home · Does parent involvement with reading during early childhood positively effect students reading abilities? · How effective is reading with young children? · What will work with children before school starts? · Does reading to your child before they enter school make a difference in their ability to read?     Using online resources and/or classroom-based data, you will examine and explore your research questions. A minimum of twelve (12) pages based on your in-depth inquiry is assigned. You will present the information from this Assignment as part of Assignment #4 (below). Include a minimum of 15 references in this study. The reference (APA- style) section of this syllabus includes the names of books/articles/search engines that you may wish to consult in addition to the list of journals which follow:  Appropriate Reference Journals for the Inquiry Project (Literature Review): The Reading Teacher Reading Improvement Reading Research and Instruction Research in the Teaching of English Reading Research Quarterly. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy

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