1-There are various limitations to employing the PE Ratio for company to company comparisons. Describe several of the limitations. A better measure would be to employ the PEG Ratio, how would you calculate? List and explain in one page. 2-What is the six step process involved in valuation? List the six steps in sequence, explaining and discussing the importance and relevance of each step (as applicable) in a one page. 3- Please find an article, video, or podcast about international accounting and how it compares to the U.S. GAAP. briefly describe what others will learn by viewing or reading the content. (one paragraph) 4- (one paragraph) a- What is International Accounting such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and why is there a need for diversity in this profession? B-pick a country , what does your country use for Accounting standards and how does it differ from the U.S. GAAP? C- How can one leverage the Accounting knowledge you have learned and in the USA in other countries?

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