Assignment HC Finding , Comparing & Interpreting Public Health Data 1) What are your two chosen countries? (5 pts) 2) What are your three chosen health indicators? (5 pts) 3) Fill out the chart below. Things to keep in mind: · Be sure to input your chosen countries—i.e., Bangladesh and the United States—instead of keeping the rows labeled “Country A” and “Country B”). · Be sure to LABEL your indicators (i.e., per 100,000 population). (15 pts)   Health Indicator 1 Health Indicator 2 Health Indicator 3 Country A       Country B         4) Identify your sources. Be sure to cite in appropriate APA format and remember that copying and pasting the weblink to a homepage is NOT appropriate. Your weblink should include the EXACT webpage from where you got the information . In other words, I should be able to click on the weblink you provide and go to the exact page from where you retrieved your data. (5 pts) 5) Look at the graphs below. What does this graph tell you? How would you describe what is being shown in this graph? Tell me three sentences about each graph. You should pretend that you need to explain this graph to a class—what is being conveyed? What conclusions can you draw from the graph? Be sure to include numbers/statistics in your explanation where needed. (20 pts)     Graph One: Explanation of Graph One: Graph Two: Explanation of Graph Two: image1.png image2.png

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