SCOTUS Case-Brief Paper Instructions: Suppose that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has decided to grant review of a case deciding the fate about if “ Should employers be permitted to require access to and control over employees’ social media accounts as a prerequisite of employment?” and they’ve called upon you as a subject matter expert to provide a comprehensive opinion on the matter.   Write a formal case-brief style paper that addresses the following components:   1. What is the history of this issue in terms of the ways that American businesses have operated? 2. What is the legislative history, if any? 3. What is the current legal authority (statutes and/or case law) on the issue and what does it require of businesses? 4. What are the different arguments on each side of the issue? 5. Which arguments (if any) are stronger and why? 6. What would be your recommendation to SCOTUS in terms of a ruling on this issue, and why? 7. Are there any exceptions to your recommendation? For example, are there any employers or employees to which the ruling should not apply? Or industries that should be exempt? Why? 8. What is the anticipated future of this issue? Should SCOTUS expect to have to review it again in the future? Or does your recommendation settle the issue permanently? Submission Instructions: This case-brief style paper should have at a minimum contain 2,000 words of content (double spaced). Word count does not include headings, cover pages, references, and a reference page with at least three (5) NEW references

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