You have received a photo and all you know about it is what is written on the back: Anson Hurd.  Antietam. Otho Smith Farm.  Your job is to write a short report documenting everything you can learn about this photo from the Web. Start out your search using Google Images.  In addition, you are to analyze the photo and describe what you see in the photo as well as your analysis of what can be learned from the photo.  The photo is attached below in two formats:  TIFF and JPG..  The TIFF version is of the highest resolution and will allow you the greatest opportunity to examine the photo.  However, your photographic app may not recognize the TIFF format.  In that case, use the JPG version.  Your document should be 1 page in length. Submit your work as a Word doc with 12 pt Calibri font.  Space as 1.5 and use 1 inch margins.  Cite the sources of all information that is not your analysis

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