500 words 1. The CSI Effect – Visit the following Department of Justice website and read the article entitled “The CSI Effect: Does it Really Exist?”  http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/nij/journals/259/csi-effect.htm (Links to an external site.)  Then answer the following questions: · Do you believe the law-type shows referred to in the article have done more harm than good in “informing” the public? • Are there any television shows that you believe do a good job of representing the “real” issues in the criminal justice system? Defend your position. 500 WORDS What if there was no discretion in the criminal justice system? What if criminal justice professionals had no discretion? What if police officers were required to arrest every suspect? What if judges were required to incarcerate every defendant found guilty? In what ways would the criminal justice system change?

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