English Technical Writing Individual Discussion Topics: 1) Examine a textbook (any textbook will do) for design features. Describe specific design features, and explain which features are effective and which are ineffective and why. NOTE: Be sure to identify the textbook in your post. 2)Suggest the best graphic to use for the situation described below. Construct the graphic. “In July, Zach is collaborating with three other researchers to write an article for an academic journal. To be published in the December issue, the article must be accepted by October 10. To meet this deadline, Zach plans these tasks: review of literature conducted, draft written, draft sent to editor, draft sent to reviewers, draft revised, article resubmitted, and article published.” Discussion Objective(s): Select one of the above topics, and follow the instructions provided. After completing your assignment, pose one meaningful question that allows your classmates to examine your assignment and connect it to our discussion on webpages and design. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Include which topic you chose to complete in your subject line.

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