NURS6600 Capstone Synthesis Practicum Week 10 Assignment Professional Portfolio Throughout this course, you have been developing your Professional Portfolio, assembling evidence of your accomplishments in your program of study to generate a positive impression of your capabilities as a nurse executive. It may be difficult to think back to how you felt at the beginning of your program or even what you accomplished in your earlier courses.Thankfully, your Portfolio provides a record—in the form of your submitted assignments—that you can use to show your growth and achievements. No doubt you have improved in confidence, knowledge of the discipline, and critical and analytical thinking, not to mention APA Style. Photo Credit: Getty Images Your Portfolio is not just a record of your academic development, though; it can be a useful tool for career advancement as you meet with potential employers. While finalizing your Professional Portfolio, think about how you would like to use this “living” artifact as you proceed through the next phase of your career. With whom will you share it? How and when will you update it? How will you use it to help secure future work? To prepare: Assemble the elements of your Portfolio using the Guide to Creating a Professional Portfolio and the Professional Portfolio Template in the Learning Resources. The portfolio includes: (a) Title page, (b) Table of Contents, (c) Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Résumé, (d) Required Portfolio Assignments (Core and Nurse Executive), (e) Continuing Education/courses if applicable, (f) End-of-Program Outcomes Evidence Chart (POEC), and (g) Final Reflection. The Final Reflection should reflect on work completed in this course and throughout your program of study in the nurse executive track, using the recommended format found in the Guide to Creating the Professional Portfolio. If the Track Changes function has been used in your document, accept the changes and turn the tracker off to ensure a clean and professional appearance. Reflect on your academic journey in the MSN nurse executive track, including the experiences, readings, or assignments that changed your perspective or significantly impacted your growth. Reflect on your strengths and improvement areas. How will you continue to advance your career with those in mind?  

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