VITAMIN & MINERAL ASSIGNMENT (100 points) FN- 20 (Nutrition & Life) Paper/Discussion (100 Points) This project is two parts. You will be writing a report on a Vitamin or Mineral of your choice and then will discuss this nutrient on canvas in the discussion section. Please do not wait until the last minute to work on this assignment 1. Discuss the following information in your paper/report 1. Function of the vitamin or mineral (this will be a very important part of the presentation) 2. RDA or DRI recommendations 3. Storage in the body 4. Food sources 5. Symptoms of toxicity (if there are any) 6. Symptoms of deficiency 7. Supplements (requires a visit to a vitamin or health food store) 1. kinds of supplements available 2. are supplements in pure or mixed form 3. % RDA or DRI the supplement provides 4. Cost of supplements 5. Recommendations regarding supplementation of this nutrient? 2. Prepare a 2-3-page written report. Please be sure to include at least 3 references/resources this is worth 70 points. 3. Discussion of the vitamin/mineral you chose is worth 30 points. Please start a discussion of the nutrient you chose in the discussion section during the Vitamin and Mineral Module by November 22nd You are required to respond to any comments or questions posted by your peers or the instructor in the discussion in order to receive full credit for this part of the assignment so please make sure to sign into   canvas frequently during this assignment. Here are the instructions for posting your discussion: a. Post your thread by answering the following questions about your topic: (18 points) • What topic did you choose? • Is it categorized as a vitamin or a mineral? • What type of vitamin (water-soluble or fat-soluble) or mineral (micro-mineral or micromineral) is it? Define the type. • What are 3-5 whole food sources for your topic? • What is the RDA? AI? UL? • What happens if you are deficient in this vitamin or mineral?

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