NURS6600 Capstone Synthesis Practicum Week 5 Assignment Practicum Project Plan In scholarly writing, to synthesize means to bring various ideas and pieces of information together. In this “bringing together,” new comparisons are drawn and new meanings derived. Your Practicum Project Plan includes a synthesis of scholarly research justifying your project topic, as well as a formal plan for the implementation of your project and evaluation of your objectives. As such, the project plan offers the audience—including organizational stakeholders—clarity about what will take place and why. For this Assignment, you anticipate the needs, questions, and concerns of your intended audience as you lay out your Practicum Project Plan. Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto To prepare: Review the information in the Practicum Project Plan Overview document as needed. The overview describes the elements that must be included in your plan. Reflect on the development of your Practicum Project Plan thus far. Address any questions you have and/or identify areas in need of further consideration or improvement. How can you craft your proposal objectively yet persuasively? Develop any outstanding components of your Practicum Project Plan. For instance, you may need to continue your review of the literature that justifies your project and create your project timeline. Review the information on scholarly writing in this week’s Learning Resources; be sure to integrate these principles as you develop your Practicum Project Plan. If you posted a draft of the Practicum Project Plan in this week’s optional Discussion, incorporate any feedback you received from your colleagues as appropriate. Use the College of Nursing template linked in the Learning Resources to draft your Practicum Project Plan. To complete the Practicum Project Plan: Write a 4- to 6-page scholarly paper in which you formulate a detailed plan for the problem or issue you are examining at your practicum site. Your paper should include the following: Title. The title includes the name of your project and follows the Uniform-Guidelines format. Introduction. The introduction includes the purpose of the paper, the goal of the project, and the name of the project. It also outlines the structure of the paper. Goal statement. A goal statement identifies what you expect to accomplish, the focus area, and the population. It introduces the project and conveys, in broad terms, how you plan to solve a particular problem or issue. Project objectives. Project objectives delineate your strategy for reaching the goal and the steps you will follow to complete the project. You must include two or three measurable objectives that use Application-level or higher verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy. Evidence-based review of the literature for project justification. This review provides evidence-based support for your identified problem, project methods, and evaluation. The literature should be directed toward justifying the project, not focus on potential solutions. You must include a review of your specialization’s professional-practice standards and guidelines related to your project and a minimum of five scholarly references for this section of the paper.  Methodology. This section addresses in detail how you will accomplish the project objectives. Include, as relevant, the who, when, where, and how of each objective. Resources. Identify and justify the human, physical, and/or technical resources you will need to complete this project. Note that for this assignment, you do not have to address the financial aspects of your plan.   Formative evaluation. Describe how and when you will conduct a formative evaluation of your project. Explain how you will use the evaluation results and how you will determine if the project is proceeding as planned. Summative evaluation. Describe how and when you will conduct a summative evaluation of your project. Explain how you will use the evaluation results. Timeline. Create a graphic timeline representing significant stages of your project. Provide a narrative to help your Faculty understand the timeline. Include the timeline in an Appendix to your Practicum Project Plan. References. References should be formatted in APA style and reflect current nursing/health literature (i.e., published within the past 5 years). Note: You must use APA Style headings, but you are not required to title the headings as listed above.

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