ITASI362 Unit 3 Your individual project for this Unit requires you to explain the similarities and differences of IPv4 and IPv6 regarding security. When executive management comes across security concepts that may threaten the future of organizational security stability, they often require a technical paper on the subject so they can assess the area before providing additional guidance to the security staff in reaction to the threat. Develop a 3-4-page MS Word document to compare the features of IPv4 and IPv6 with explanations of each feature including enhancements to security. Provide the following slide components in your presentation regarding IPv4 and IPv6: 1. Title page (does not count towards the 3-4-page requirement) 2. Introduction or Abstract (1 paragraph) 3. Describe the concept of a protocol with an explanation of why protocols are necessary (1-2 paragraphs) 4. Compare of IPv4 and IPv6 features (1-2 paragraphs) 5. Identify the security enhancements in IPv6 (1-2 paragraph) 6. Conclusion summarizing critical points made in technical paper (1 paragraph) 7. Reference page in APA format (does not count towards the 3-4-page requirement) Title page and reference page are not included in page count. Document formatting, citations, and references must follow APA format. The  AIU APA Guide  includes sections for paper formatting, as well as reference and citation examples. For example, 250 words equals one page of content.

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