HU260 Strategies for Decision Making Week 8 Discussion DQ1 Bad Reasoning on Social Media Social media offers a powerful means of communication. With just a click, we can broadcast our thoughts to the entire world. But like the news, social media is even more prone to misinformation and distortion of various kinds. A lie can spread halfway around the world before the truth comes out to correct it. Last week, you acted as a fact checker for a news article. This week, you’ll be doing much the same. Head over to Twitter and locate a tweet about current events from a politician, celebrity, or any user with a “verified” status. Note: You are not required to make a Twitter account to complete this assignment. Please pick a user whose posts are publically available. Do not share private posts. Share your chosen post in this week’s Discussion Forum by copying and pasting it into your initial discussion response. Make sure the tweet makes a factual claim. Attempt to fact-check that tweet by including independent evidence to corroborate its content. If information is found that disproves the key claims of the tweet, include that as well. In your follow up posts, respond to two other students and double check their fact checking. Post any corroborating or contradictory evidence alongside your analysis. DQ2 End of Course Survey All students need to complete this survey as it provides valuable information for us to better meet your needs, improve our courses, and provide for a better overall student experience – which is one of the Three Pillars of Excellence upon which Grantham is built. If you have not yet completed your survey (these are needed for every course) please select End of Course Survey and do so now. It is needed for the following Discussion Question: After completing your survey, share what you feel is the most valuable suggestion for improvement. Share only what you are comfortable with. Ensure you placed this suggestion in the survey comment section. This is a non-graded discussion question.  

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