BSA531 The leadership of GTR is considering AWS for their enterprise cloud solution, but some members of the leadership team are skeptical of this solution. They have asked you, as a solution architect, to provide them with a report describing the advantages and disadvantages of the AWS. Based on what you learned in the materials this week and any personal experience with the solution, answer the following: Create a 2- to 3-page evaluation report of the AWS cloud solutions, including: Explain the reasons for switching to cloud architecture from on-premises, in general. Explain what it means to design resilient architectures. Describe the purpose of AWS. Describe how AWS helps design resilient architectures. Describe at least two advantages of using AWS*. Describe at least two disadvantages of AWS*. Create a chart with AWS’s primary competitors and a brief description of strengths and cautions. (Tip: pick 2 to 3 competitors and focus on general strengths and cautions relevant to GTR.) Add anything else you feel your leadership team would need to know.  *The advantages and disadvantages should be relevant to GTR, who has retail operations in 10 states and 5 countries and is experiencing rapid growth. For example, one consideration could be if AWS does not operate in a country where GTR does business, is there an impact? Cite all sources using APA format and give attribution where appropriate.

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