OC Paper Assignment Organized Crime, provides an overview of several organized crime categories. To allow students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the topic of organized crime, each student will be required to complete a research assignment on a specific organized crime group. The necessary requirements for this research Assignment are as follows: 1. Organized crime group selected must fit under one of the categories that is touched on during the course (Asian, Russian, Outlaw Motorcycle, etc.) 2. Students must explain the history of the organized crime group 3. Students must explain the current status of the organized crime group (i.e. where primarily located, do they have restrictive memberships, how many members) 4. Students must explain the types of crimes that the researched organized crime group commits. Are these crimes international or restricted to one country? 5. Students must explain how members are chosen for inclusion in the organized crime group 6. Students must use three academic resources for this paper. These resources should be clearly relatable to the organized crime group that you are researching. One resource should be your course textbook. The two additional sources must be academically based – scholarly journal articles, government organizations like the FBI or Homeland Security. Do NOT use wiki pages as your sources. Format: Paper should be 4-5 pages in length. A 12 pt font of Calibri or Times New Roman must be used. APA style should be used for citations. A cover page and bibliography should be included (these pages do not count toward the total word length).

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