•             Question 1Words such as “because,” “since,” and “for” usually signal the presence of                 Question 2For the purposes of this course, an argument is a verbal altercation. •             Question 3Reasoning is either fallacious (bad) or cogent (good). •             Question 4There are two basic kinds of reasoning. The first is deductive, the second is •             Question 5Bad reasoning is known as                 Question 6Good reasoning varies from person to person. •             Question 7An argument is deductively valid if it is impossible for the conclusion to be false when the premises are true. •             Question 8Our most important beliefs, taken together, make up our worldviews or philosophies. •             Question 9This type of reasoning aims to show why something is true. •             Question 10Beliefs about human nature ought to make up a key component of our worldview.

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