EDU575  Week 6 Assignment – The Nature and Function of Leadership In this assignment, you will evaluate the nature and function of leadership by selecting, examining, and analyzing one?of the scenarios. The scenarios (listed below) will assist with critical analysis and problem solving as they cover research-based processes and procedures that leaders must effectively use in fulfilling their responsibilities on a daily basis. You, as an emerging or a practicing leader, will identify specific policy changes, organizational mission, and strategic priorities as an administrator. Consider the following scenarios: K–12 Scenarios Higher Education Scenarios Scenario 2: The New Principal at Frost Scenario 3: Changing the Way We Teach Science Scenario 4: Understanding and Predicting Individual and Group Behaviors in Schools Scenario 5: Addressing Dysfunctional Thinking Scenario 12: I Am Your New Principal Scenario 9: The Requested Change   Instructions Write a 2–3 page paper?in which you: 1. Summarize the scenario and major considerations related to specific policy changes, organizational mission, and strategic priorities that may arise. 2. Evaluate one specific issue that deals with policy changes, and one issue that affects the organizational mission. 3. Create two short-term and two long-term goals to address the issue selected from the scenario. 4. Develop three strategic priorities that can be used to provide appropriate solutions to challenges that you discover related to improving student achievement, retaining teachers or faculty, and enhancing leadership.

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