Ethics In The News – Criminal Justice Ethics in the News (Topic Must Be Related to Criminal Justice) Find any format of criminal justice news story (print, online, video, etc.) and identify the ethical issue(s) within the piece.  Then, write an analysis of it in terms of its ethical elements using the following prompts.  This assignment should be kept to a minimum of 500 words (1-2 pages).   Failure to follow assignment instructions will result in a lower grade.    1). Issue: Give a brief summary of the story and identify the ethical issue(s) presented in the story.  2). Describe the moral/ethical systems that the stakeholder could employ to address the problem or dilemma.Explain how the system you chose would address the problem or dilemma.  3). Based on your analysis, make a concrete recommendation for the course of conduct you believe the stakeholder should take in this situation and future similar situations. In other words, if you are the decision-maker, what action would you take when faced with this or similar issues? What are your reasons (ethical/moral) for recommending/ordering this course of action? 

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