Prompt: If “Most services are characterized by an encounter between a service provider and a customer” (Bordoloi, p. 95), then “This interaction, which defines the quality of the service in the mind of the customer, is called a ‘moment of truth’ (Bordoloi, p. 95). It is this “moment in time” when your customer “is evaluating the service and forming an opinion of its quality” (Bordoloi, p. 95). Each of these “moments of truth” is an opportunity “to influence the customer’s perceptions of the service quality” (Bordoloi, p. 95). What does this look like in your current or future business model? Describe some of your current or expected moments of truth. Once you have answered that, how will you continually change the “mind of the customer” to make sure these moments of truth positively impact your organization? apa format 500 word count

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