University of Technology and Applied Sciences BUSINESS STUDIES DEPARTMENT



STUDENT’S ASSIGNMENT 2 2021-2022 Dr Anupum Sharma



Movie Review Watch any movie and comply with the following requirements as listed below:

1. Write a brief review of the movie.

2. Mention at least two (2) strategies which are used in the movie.

3. Identify if the strategies are Grand or Business level strategies.

4. Support your answer on the basis of classifying the strategy in the specific category.

5. Identify the companies in Oman which uses a similar strategy. One (1) mark each point depending upon its correctness and relevance. Last Date: June 21,2022 by 12:00 midnight. 2. REMINDER IN ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS BY AVOIDING plagiarism PLAGIARISM IN RESEARCH PROJECT

Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else’s ideas or words as your own. Plagiarism

is a serious and punishable offense in research projects.

The students are expected to do individual/group work. Dishonesty of any kind will not

be tolerated. It is a serious offence and will lead to failure in the course. Cheating or

copying of any form leads to dishonesty.

Plagiarism Policy: Refer to:

Students found guilty of plagiarism will get a Zero (0) in the assignment.

3. ASSESSMEN: The assignment is equivalent to Five (5) marks which needs to be

uploaded in the e-learning portal ONLY.




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