Recommendations for Solving Low Rates of College Readiness at James Monroe

High School, West Virginia

Michael Whitener

School of Education, Liberty University

In partial fulfillment of EDUC 850

Author Note:

Michael Whitener

I have no known conflict of interest to disclose.

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Literature Review: Findings


This paper analyses various educational articles on student performance and the

learning and teaching environment. The primary purpose of the review is to identify factors

that contribute to poor performance and how they relate to James Monroe High School.

Current articles published since 2018 have been included to identify the most relevant and

updated information. This study will therefore expound on the factors that affect college

readiness, thinking skills, cognitive abilities, and learning outcomes required for students in


Related Literature

Several scholars have provided research, remedies, and recommendations on how

students can get better prepared for transitioning from high school to college. Therefore, this

section of the study will shed light on articles that show the lack of proper preparation for

college and how the challenge can be mitigated.

Factors affecting student performance and college readiness

There are notable factors that influence students’ performance on performance and

readiness. Kapur (2018) revealed that fundamental factors such as school, environment,

teaching methods, learners’ attitudes, and parental support are critical.

Cultural and socioeconomic factors, gender, and race play a significant role in SAT

performance. This was revealed by a compelling study for practical implications, which was

conducted by Mattern et al. (2018) to investigate an Alternative Presentation of Incremental

Validity: Discrepant SAT and HSGPA Performance.


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