EDUC 307


Case StudiesEduardo is a second-grader who has recently moved from Mexico to an urban school in Georgia.




 His father speaks some English. His mother speaks only Spanish. Eduardo can speak some English but is not fluent. He is nervous about attending a new school where he is not able to converse clearly with others.
B Stacy has a learning disability. She is a fifth grade student who makes passing grades in math but has struggled with reading throughout elementary school. She tries her best but is still reading on a second-grade level. She is very self-conscious in class and tries to avoid having to read out loud in front of her peers.
C Jackson is a third grade student who has been diagnosed with ADHD. Jackson struggles to focus in class. He is easily distracted. He tends to disrupt others by tapping, getting out of his seat, and fidgeting with things in his desk. His inability to stay focused is negatively affecting his grades.
D Anthony’s handwriting is very hard to decipher. He is in the fourth grade but has penmanship one would expect of a first-grader. He has struggled with fine motor skills, which affects his ability to grasp writing utensils correctly.
E Ellie has a lot of trouble staying organized. As a fifth-grader, she has been unsuccessful in keeping track of her homework assignments. Her notebook is not organized and her desk is a mess. Her grades are suffering due to her inability to keep up with her work. She often loses papers and books.
F Jerome often gets in trouble for how he reacts to his classmates. He is always ready to snap at others and has gotten into a number of fights on the bus and during recess. Many of his third grade classmates have asked to be moved away from him in the class. He is struggling to keep friends now, as he lashes out in anger at those in his way.
G Bethany is a year behind in reading. While her second-grade classmates are now reading chapter books, she is still struggling with emergent leveled texts. She doesn’t want to read baby books. She wants to read the same cool stories the other students in her class get to read.
H Quincy cannot seem to stay awake in class. He often falls into a deep sleep during class. Sometimes, his fourth grade teacher cannot rouse him. He is missing out on hearing the instruction that his teacher is giving. Quincy’s grades are suffering as a result.
I Judy is a nonverbal first grade student who is in a self-contained classroom. She can be aggressive and explosive in class. She gets very frustrated when she cannot get others to understand what she wants.
J Michael likes school but is really falling behind in math. He is in third grade, but still struggling with many subtraction problems. His peers are learning multiplication, but he feels left behind. He panics when it is time for math class. He will often ask to go to the nurse around that time.
K Piper is into everyone’s business in her second grade classroom. She is constantly telling her classmates what to do. She runs to the teacher repeatedly each day to report what she views as problems between the other children in the classroom. She criticizes others and wants to control the happenings in her classroom
L Diamond is getting bored in her third grade class. She is reading on a sixth-grade reading level and taught herself how to do long division by watching YouTube videos. She has been getting into trouble by trying to entertain her classmates while the teacher is teaching.
M Hwan, a fifth-grader, has been living in America since he was in second grade. Although he has learned to speak fairly well in English, he still is struggling to comprehend what he reads in English texts.
N Tristan has missed a lot of school this year as a Kindergarten student. It is almost spring break and he only can recognize 7 letters. He still cannot spell his name.




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