Assignment Guidelines No Word Count- just answer questions

This exercise will help you practice integrating source material effectively into your writing.

· Review the handouts and submit your responses to each of the four quotes in Handout #2.

· You should respond to at least two other students no later than twenty-four hours after the due date for this assignment. Your responses to your classmates should be thoughtful and engaged. Ask questions of each other; disagree with each other; prompt further conversation with each other. Please do not simply respond with “cheerleading” responses.


Handout #1Integrating Sources into Your Writing Review the handout below that discusses how and why to use quotes in your writing.  (Please scroll down to read handout.)

Handout #2: MLA Quoting Activity Create a sentence for each of the four quotes posted in the handout below that incorporates in-text citations, attributive phrases, and signal verbs. (Please scroll down to read handout.)


OWL at Purdue — MLA In-text Citations Basics

Acceptable Length 

Four sentences that adequately integrate the quote.

Formatting Requirements

Please compose your answers in a Word document first so you will not lose your work. Too often, students compose in the discussion board thread for the first time, and too often, a snag online causes lost work. Instead, draft first in a Word document and THEN copy and paste your ideas into the thread.

Grading Criteria

Full, detailed responses to all prompts will count for 40 out of the 50 points assigned to this discussion board. The other 10 points will be awarded for the thoughtful responses you leave on two classmates’ posts. Extend their responses by providing comments that expand on those ideas by offering your own observations or connections.

· Provide examples for all four quotes according to assignment guidelines (30 points)

· Demonstrates polished writing for the academic community (10 points)

· Includes two engaged peer comments (10 points)


To Submit: You can click the assignment link at the top, or under the Discussion Board tab, find the forum for “Module 5: MLA Quoting Activity Discussion Board.” You will create a thread in this forum. Please put a compelling title in the subject box, and then paste your prompt responses in the thread box. Within twenty-four hours after the due date and time, please respond to two peers by clicking “reply” on their threads and composing your response. 



Handout #1


Generally speaking, there are three ways to integrate sources into a research paper – summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting.  

SUMMARY – A relatively brief objective account, in your own words, of the main ideas in a source or a source passage.

PARAPHRASE – A restatement, in your own words, of a passage of t

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