A multinational clothing company is considering sponsoring an urban sport during the upcoming Paris Olympics.


Use a SMART to help them decide which sport would be the best between Skateboarding, Sports Climbing and BMX Freestyle

Estimate the return that the company might get from sponsoring these sports and use a Decision Matrix to help them decide if the SMART has given them the best decision

Estimate the probability of each sport getting media attention and use a Decision Tree to improve on the decision taken in the Decision Matrix

The company is worried that the US might not submit a team in your chosen sport and this could have a significant impact on the media attention received. Use a Sensitivity Analysis to show how it could help analyse the risk of the choice made by the Decision Tree.

Along with each of the frameworks with the appropriate calculations, provide a question by question explanation of the steps taken and the conclusion reached.


· Wordcount: 1500-2000

· Cover, Table of Contents, Conclusion

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