You will need to read the chapters and watch the videos to incorporate in your memo. There will be

some sections where there is a lot of material that you will need to analyze and synthesize. I would

recommend reading the chapter once through and then go back and re-read it taking notes. Then, I

suggest you think of the key point or two that you want to get across in your memo and provide an

example that incorporates the key point(s) of all the related material. Do not simply define or describe

what the chapters are about. Your memo should be written in such a way that you can demonstrate

your understanding of the material (in assigned chapters and any other material provided on that topic).



Memo #7 – In memo format (format will be provided on D2L), 2 pages or less, provide a short summary

of the following articles, identify key takeaways from the articles, and provide a current and relevant

example where this is in play (typically, you will find this in the news. DO NOT PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE


• Siems “Who supplied my cheese?”

• Siems and Ratner “Strengthening Globalization’s Invisible Hand”

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