You will complete the Budget Worksheet to show expenses for your grant proposal program.

Information from this worksheet will be included in your Grant Proposal Presentation due in

Unit 8. We know the grant will provide $20,000, which will allow your agency to purchase

Naloxone (Narcan) nasal spray devices for each of its 100 members. The course project

requires you to provide a basic budget for the program to detail how the $20,000 will be

spent and explain any potential impacts on your agency’s budget. Remember, the $20,000is

only to be used for purchasing the nasal spray devices. All other expenses will be incurred

by the agency. You will need to create at least four expense items for this worksheet.

Expenses should be based on reason and research.

Although you are encouraged to come up with your own expense items, here are some

potential expense issues to consider when composing your budget:

• How much will the Naloxone nasal spray devices cost?

• How much will training cost?

• Is a public information campaign needed to announce the use of the new devices?

• How will the devices be disposed of once used? Note – The devices are considered

bio-hazard/medical waste once used.

• Are there any supplies that need to be purchased for the program?

• What are the administrative costs?

• Are there any in-kind (donated) services (i.e., using medical waste bins at the local



• Use the Unit 7 Assignment: Budget Worksheet and Instructions document in Unit 7 to

complete this assignment.


Contains clear and concise information, accurately describing the expenses for the program.

Shows a high level of effort. Expenses based on research and/or reason.

Worksheet includes all of the necessary information to fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

Uses proper grammar and spelling. No mechanical errors.

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