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Write a 3-page paper answering the following questions in detail. Paper must be written in APA format.


Answer the following question(s) based on at least 3 scholarly articles you will find to support your paper.


0. Provide some strategies that could help create the work-life alignment that was discussed in the reading.

1. Discuss different strategies that could be used to identify what drives disengaged workers

2. What are some ways that employees can be integrated into the recruitment and selection process?

3. Share your experiences with workplace disengagement. Discuss whether you’ve ever felt disengaged in a role, explain why and what was done to overcome these feelings. If you have no experiences with workplace engagement, reach out to friends and family and share their experience for your paper. Feel free to change their name to protect their privacy, if necessary.


Make sure to leave your name off your paper, since I grade each assignment anonymously.

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