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Which Hormones work Molecular by this Mechanism ? (Name at minimum 3)

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12) Which Molecular Mechanism for this Hormone Action?

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13) List some of the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism (Discussed in lab)

14) Differentiate between Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism  15) Name the cells (b) in this Tissue type discussed in lab

Match the following:

A) Cushing’s disease B) Myxedema C) Acromegaly  D) Cretinism

16) Hyposecretion of the thyroid in adults.

17) Hypersecretion of the adrenal cortex.

18) Hypersecretion of growth hormone.

19) Hyposecretion of the thyroid in infants.

Match the following:

A) Thyroid B) Adrenal medulla C) Hypophysis D) Parathyroid E) Pancreas

20) The size and shape of a pea; produces hormones that stimulate other endocrine glands.

21) The gland that controls the fight-or-flight reaction.

22) Produces hormones that regulate glucose levels in the body.

23) Produces a hormone that controls blood levels of calcium and potassium by their removal from bone tissue.

24) Produces the body’s major metabolic hormones.

Clinical Thinking Critical Questions

25) Mrs. James appeared at the clinic complaining of extreme nervousness and sweating, saying that she could feel and hear her heart thumping when she tried to sleep at night. Laboratory testing revealed hyperglycemia and increased basal metabolic rate. Although she also proved to have high blood pressure, tests of thyroid function were normal. What is your diagnosis? What treatment should be used?

26) Mr. Sanchez makes an appointment to see his doctor for pain in his abdominal area. Tests and X rays reveal kidney stones as well as bones with a moth-eaten appearance. Further questioning reveals a medical history of abnormal reflexes and weakness. What is the problem and what treatment would be recommended?

27) It was often rumored that one of our deceased presidents was suffering from Addison’s disease (inadequate synthesis of mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids). What symptoms may have led to the diagnosis of this condition?

28) Due to a recent head injury, a patient is told that his pituitary is hypersecreting prolactin. Is there need for concern about this young man?

29) The parents of a 17-year-old boy are concerned about his height because he is only 5 feet tall and they are both close to 6 feet tall. After tests by their doctor, certain hormones are prescribed for the boy. What is the probable diagnosis, and what hormones were prescribed? Why might the child still expect to reach his growth potential?

30) John is a 26-year-old man who begins to notice a progressive enlargement of feet, hands, cranium, nose, and lower jaw bone. His doctor recommends irradiation of the pituitary gland. What is the most likely diagnosis? Why?

31) A 25-year-old male was admitted to the medical/surgical unit with a blood glucose of 600 mg/dl. On assessment, the nurse observed his breathing was deep and rapid, and his breath smelled of acetone. His face was flushed and his skin was dry. His pH was low. Describe the physiological response that is occurring.

32) Thomas is a diabetic. While at work, he began to tremble, was somewhat disoriented, and showed signs similar to that of a drunk. One of his colleagues gave him some hard candy, which seemed to help him return to normal functions. Why? Was this a proper action, considering that Thomas is diabetic?

33) Describe the Synthesis of Thyroid Hormones via Iodide then to Iodine synthesis

34) Describe the effects of Parathyroid Hormone on bone, kidney and the intestine

35) After ingesting a piece of cake describe the regulation of blood glucose levels by insulin and glucagon from the pancreas.

36) List 3 additional Hormones produced by organs other than the major endocrine organs

37) Provide the Anatomy of the Adrenal gland and list the hormones.

Name Each Type of Blood Cell



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