Case Study 12-1: Stop & Shop’ s Scan It! App



1. What is the benefit of the Scan It! data to Stop & Shop? What are some of the questions the company could answer about its customers?


2. How would you assess the level of capabilities of Stop & Shop’s use of analytics? What might the company do differently with the data to gain more value?


3. What is the benefit of Scan It! for the customers? What concerns might shoppers have about their privacy? How would you advise Stop & Shop management to respond to these concerns?



Case Study 12-2: Business Intelligence at CKE Restaurants


1. How does the business intelligence system (BIS) at CKEadd value to the business?


2. What are some tips for developing and using the BIS described in this case?


3. Was the introduction of the Monster Thickburger a good idea or an example of information leading to a wrong decision?

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