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Complete the following Case Study Assignment:


You are working on a project team to build a succession planning process in your

organization. You have conducted a number of interviews with leaders across the organization to understand more clearly the needs of this process.


One observation during the needs analysis on this project is that each leader has their own idea of how to identify top talent –and many leaders have used the same approach for their entire career. The key question is, “how do you identify employees who have potential for more?”


You and your team have done some research and have consistently seen a common theme in the literature in their quest to find an approach of identifying the right talent to take on key leadership roles in the future. A key element that organizations are considering more and more is the concept of Learning Agility.


Your assignment is to help the leadership team understand the concept of Learning Agility and Selecting Talent. Please construct a PowerPoint Presentation that will allow you to describe to leaders the following:


1.     What approaches should be used in identify potential on your team?


2.     What qualities and characteristics should you be looking for?


3.     Define Learning Agility –what does the concept mean and how can leaders utilize this concept to identify talent?


4.     Why is learning agility relevant in today’s business environment?

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