Privilege!  Intersectionality!   Identity!  Oppression!   Power!

These are important but also somewhat contentious terms.  Before we move forward, let’s take a moment to talk about McIntosh and Hill-Collin’s readings.

I would like you to post a discussion question about ONE of the readings.  Please keep your discussion questions focused on the content of the texts themselves.    Example questions could include:

· Do you agree with __________’s argument about _________?

· ____________ provides a number of examples of ___________in their essay, ___________.   Did you find them convincing?  Why or why not?

· I don’t understand (or am confused, or not sure how to relate to)   _______________ in __________’s essay.  Can anybody explain or walk me through it?

· __________argues/suggests __________________.  However, I don’t know if this argument still applies today.  What do you think?  Do you have any counter examples of _______________?

· Any other text-specific questions  — personal experiences provide useful counter or supporting examples, but please make sure you’re engaging with the texts/concepts at length!

You are welcome to answer your own question — or not —-but you should also answer/engage in other people’s questions.  Your initial discussion question will NOT count as one of your four posts, unless ,of course, you choose to answer it at length.  Those who post first have first dibs on what to talk about.   If you post later in the week, please ask questions about readings/topics that we haven’t already covered.  The goal is to cover a range of topics.

You only need to engage with one reading (or key term) in each post.

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