There are devasting consequences revolving around the opioid issue and young adults. Increases in opioid use and related overdoses have been climbing over the years. According to the CT School Health Survey, in 2013 the prevalence of having ever taken prescription drugs to get high is significantly higher among students in grade 12 (17.5%) than in grades 9 (6.8%) and 10 (9.1%). Drug use in young adults impacts their families in tremendous ways. Financially drained, and emotionally manipulated which may lead to family dysfunction, and relationships are severely affected. The most recent rise in drug-related deaths in young adults has been the fentanyl crisis. Teens seek out prescription opioids but in the past years increasingly more counterfeit pills have shown up including the fatal drug fentanyl. Unaware they are consuming this can turn deadly very quickly. Communities and families are devasted by this crisis. Families are suffering and calling it poison from the dealer and demanding justice.

Do you agree with families seeking justice for receiving a drug they did not ask for?


Many children are succumbing to peer pressure and depression and anxiety and so the use of any substance will allow them to forget about their real situation if even for a very short while, so Opioid use is one of those escalating behavior by kids that are driving their parents over the edge with worrying and a sense of helplessness.

According to (, Jun 2o, 2019)  The opioid crisis marks the third wave of widespread drug abuse over several decades, following the crack cocaine epidemic and the methamphetamine crisis ( which has seen a resurgence in some states with the opioid epidemic) All have severely impacted children and families. But veteran child welfare professionals say the opioid epidemic has had the worst impact on child welfare systems they have seen.

So these parents need all the help and support that they can get as well as resources.

3. 50,000 individuals have passed due to opioid overdose in the United States (U.S Department of Health and Human Services).  Drug use has effected more than 1.7 million people in the United States as of 2019. Drugs don’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter of your skin color, gender, race, living situation many know of someone who has done drugs or has overdosed due to drugs. Families could be affected financially, legally, and emotionally. Children could be taken from family and placed in the foster system effecting their emotional development. My family is one of the 1.7 million people that has been affected by someone in my family who used drugs. My mother, all three of my older siblings, my aunts and uncles, and even cousins have used drugs, are recovering drug addicts, are currently using drugs, or have died due to drug use. Over eight million children who has lived with at least one adult who is a drug addict (Lander). Children could grow up with attachment or  social anxiety due the the impact of being surrounded by drug use.

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