The Discussion Assignment:

Chapter 6: Etruscan and Roman Art

“Portraits of Couples”


PORTRAIT OF A MARRIED COUPLE. Wall painting from Pompeii. Mid 1st century CE. Height 25 1⁄2“


Compare this fresco portrait of a married couple from Pompeii with posed portraits of couples that you might see today. Focus both on the relationship between the marriage partners and on their relationship with you as a viewer. What is the same today? What has changed? Make specific comparisons between the Pompeiian and contemporary works to make your points.

Grading Criteria 200 words

· Participating in the discussion forum by the due date will mark students as “present”.  Students who do not participate will be marked as absent.

· Typed.  Spelling and grammar count

· Students must use their own words, do not quote the text or copy from the text.

· Comment on two classmates methods with questions and responses to their answers.

· Worth 100 points total.

A successful answer (receiving the full 100 points) will – – –


· Be written at the college level

· Edited for spelling and grammar

· Written in the student’s own words (no copying/pasting and/or plagiarism)

· Will include content from the reading and from the student’s opinions

· Due Sunday by 11:59pm.

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